The Characters


Hello, friends! Welcome to the character section of our Web site. It is here that you can get to know Franky, Junior, and friends and all the wonderful characters from “FranknSon”. Check back from time to time as new characters will arrive to introduce themselves.



"I can help. I got moves!"


This little monster has a big heart. He’s rough and tough yet deep inside, he’s a little sad.   Junior’s all alone in the world but has dreams of one day finding a family.

"Where I’m going ain’t no place for a kid."


Big, strong and stubborn, Franky is a natural leader, even if he’s a bit of a closed book. Franky has been exiled to Monsterville for many years but stands ready to help the humans of Peasantville with their problems.

"Have you any idea what torches do to five-thousand-year old wrappings?"


He’s as ornery as he is ancient. This mummy is driven by the thrill of discovery and what might be revealed by digging deep.

"They think we are Heroes."

WOLFYFranky’s best friend and a loyal companion to all his fellow monsters, Wolfy is a good guy to have at your back. He has a way of getting on Vlad’s nerves – but that’s a good thing.

"I am ready for my close up."

VLADVlad’s past glories in the movie industry drive him to recapture the days of his greatest fame. They aslo drive him to tell some annoying anecdotes… frequently.

"I feel all melty."

HAZELEver since she was stripped of most of her powers by the Witch’s Union, Hazel has been looking for a way to regain her former glory. Helping save Peasantville might be her ticket, plus it’ll keep her close to Franky.

"Anyone got a sweater? It's chilly."

CLAUDEClaude might be invisible, but his motive is easy to see  profit. He’s a con man and a plotter but also an adventurous spirit and a really good boxer.