New Games have been release for Free

Two of our Games we just made our iOS app and tvOS “Jr’s Gem Run” game for free with no ads

and “Jr’s Mad Dash


Run with Junior in Jr’s Mad Dash! With only his wits, a vicious right hook and his amazing rocket boots, Junior must traverse a gauntlet of skeletons, zombies, and monsters. Along the way you will pick up gems, treasures and see breathtaking landscapes. No complicated menus, with an easy to use interface. Tap 2 Fingers on the Screen to launch Jr’s rocket boots. While in the air, swipe right to glide. To punch and fall back down, just Tap 1 Finger on the Screen. Have loads of fun as you play Jr’s Mad Dash.

- Beautiful graphics
- Loads of Monsters to fend off
- Easy to use interface
- 8 different landscapes covering Night through Day as you travel through cemeteries, mountains, deserts, and volcanos.
- Multi-layer animations
- Gems and Treasures galore
- Hear Junior speak as the game progresses
- Use Jr’s amazing Rocket Boots

Universal Purchase support: downloading this app enables it across all platforms: iPad, iPhone and Apple TV 4




Jr is back and now he has a new mission to collect as many gems as he can to help in the fight against the evil demons. You can help him get as many gems and power supplies as possible by avoiding both the demons and the many traps ahead. Jr is a “flappy like” game based on the FranknSon stories.

- Lots of “bad guys” to fend off
- Many gems to collect to increase your score
- Many traps to avoid and get around as you collect your gems
- Many different objects as you travel through towns, mountains, caves, and deserts
- Multi-layer animations
- Hear Junior speak as he flies around in the game.


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