The Story

The short animations on this site showcases just a small part of the “FranknSon” project’s huge potential. It’s the story of Junior, a young monster looking for a father figure. When Junior finally encounters Franky, a hulk of a monster who just wants to be alone. Franky and a group of close fiends will find themselves on a long journey to help others but in the end find they have also helped themselves.

The feature animation, games, interactive books will explore the themes of friendship, family and loyalty in depth, while telling the story of outcast monsters who are given a long-awaited chance to prove themselves. As these monsters take steps to return to the land of their origin, they will discover a strength they didn’t know they had, as they are tested by challenges from without and within.

FranknSon is an adventurous and humorous adventure for all ages. Visually it it will combine the spooky elements of classic American horror films with the whimsy of contemporary 3D animations. The unique visual appeal, together with a story that connects with all ages makes this project something special, new and endearing.